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Mirandus Tavern Games

The Vision

Tavern Games are an upcoming collection of minigames designed to live within the Taverns of Mirandus, but simple and versatile enough to be released early as a gift to our community. Look for opportunities soon to face off against other players in a variety of friendly challenges, with no Exemplar requirement to play. Everyone can join the Tavern Games!

Mirandus Tavern Games

Our First Game


Three-Eyed-Snake will be the first tavern game released. It's a dice game created by Mirandus's Game Director, Michael McCarthy. Those who attended Galaverse 2021 in Vegas may remember playing with the Mirandus team.

Mirandus Team playing Three-Eyed-Snake at Galaverse 2021

You have two rounds to roll as many sixes as you can. Only thing that beats three sixes is three ones - a Three-Eyed-Snake. Nothing else matters.

How To Play Three-Eyed-Snake

PDF Rule Sheet Download

A Platform of Tavern Games

Tavern Games is set to launch in Q4 2022 with a persistent leaderboard system where players can compete against each other and have fun playing short form games. Once live we will be releasing new games in the tavern every quarter.

Mirandus Coppers

Tavern Coppers

Every day players can join and collect coppers for free. Coppers are used to bet within the tavern. Coppers are NOT cryptocurrency, but can be used to claim tavern prizes. They are tracked in the database and associated with a player's account. Coppers can’t be traded between players or sold, but can be purchased with GALA/MTRM. Players who own more Mirandus items will receive a larger daily bonus.

Introducing account-bound game items

Account-bound items, that are bound to your account rather than to an NFT, allow us to offer stakes without the need to KYC each user. This is Mirandus! We want to hang out with our friends in the tavern, play games, drink mead and wager!

To customize an Exemplar with cosmetics like hair and/or beards players will be able to win them in the tavern.

Note: This does not include gear or clothing, the economy of items like textiles and armor is player owned.


Part of a Larger World

After seeking fortune in the wilderness, a weary and hungry adventurer comes back to town…

Players will need to eat at taverns to gain energy to explore the world of Mirandus. Inside a tavern adventurers will find an abundant supply of mead, a warm meal to rejuvenate their Exemplar's energy, and games to take a break from the dangerous world.


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