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What is Materium

Materium is a magical element that abounds in Mirandus. Materium can exist in many forms - as a solid state as infused ore, as a liquid state, when used to create potions with untold powers, and it can even exist in a gaseous state, flowing in the air itself through the skies of Mirandus.

What can Materium do?

Materium is magic incarnate. It is incredibly versatile and powerful, allowing a user to heal wounds and restore vitality. It can bring the dead back to life, unlocking the possibility of immortality to those who wield enough of it.

Increase Abilities

Materium does not simply heal wounds and restore vitality, it can have incredible effects on the body as well. By unlocking Materium’s power, a hero can increase their strength, speed, endurance, and other attributes even beyond their limits. With the magic of Materium, one may perform feats believed only possible by heroes of legend.


Some wielders of Materium can harness magic itself, gaining the ability to cast powerful spells including healing, wards of protection, even raining fire down on one’s foes.


In crafting, Materium serves many purposes as well, most notably as a substitute for various ingredients in crafting recipes. Even more incredible, it can be used to infuse magic into common items to create exceptionally powerful weapons, armor, and other wondrous items.


Materium’s power is only beginning to be unlocked, and new applications are discovered by those experimenting with it. Especially ingenious applications of Materium have shown that it can allow objects to be teleported from vault to vault, even from adventurer to adventurer, ensuring speedy and safe transport of valuables and other tradable items.


Materium can be earned by playing Mirandus and exploring its secrets. It can be taken out of Mirandus as an ERC20 and possibly traded on secondary markets, if players so desire.

Mirandus is rich with Materium for those willing to brave the dangers of the continent - and for those brave souls, the more Materium they hold, the more powerful they can become. With Materium, all things are possible.


The call to adventure is now.

Will you be amongst the few in exploring this new continent and uncovering its wonders?

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