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Mirandus_Media_0022_Layer Comp 26.jpg
Mirandus_Media_0023_Layer Comp 23.jpg
Mirandus_Media_0024_Layer Comp 28.jpg
Mirandus_Media_0025_Layer Comp 15.jpg
Mirandus_Media_0026_Layer Comp 29.jpg
Mirandus_Media_0027_Layer Comp 31.jpg
Mirandus_Media_0028_Layer Comp 34.jpg
Mirandus_Media_0029_Layer Comp 30.jpg
Mirandus_Media_0030_Layer Comp 20.jpg
Mirandus_Media_0031_Layer Comp 21.jpg

About the Game

Mirandus is a fantasy world powered by blockchain technology, allowing players to truly create their own content.

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Exemplars are elite avatars with special abilities which allow them to perform certain actions better than others.


The proud and long-lived elven people are a rare and welcome sight in Mirandus.


Numerous halflings have come to Mirandus to build a new life for themselves.

74% SOLD

Orcs’ endurance and fighting spirit serve them well in exploring the wilds of Mirandus.

82% SOLD

Many dwarven adventurers have set their eyes on Mirandus... and the Materium it holds.

99% SOLD

Humans are known for their courage and adventurous spirit.

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Player ownership of in-game assets is a central mechanic in Mirandus. Players can hold land deeds that allow them to claim parts of the wilderness, setting up holdfasts ranging from small farms to massive cities.

There will only ever be 1650 deeds in Mirandus. Players can place their deeds anywhere there is open space.

99% Sold

Each deed comes with a basic layout that includes walls that will repel monsters, a home for the deed owner, and plots where other players in the game can place buildings.


99% Sold

Own Your Own Property

Players can place buildings on another player's land. Players must own a building that corresponds to the size of the plot and can build it freely there once they've paid their lease to the owner who sets the terms.

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